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  • Discover what’s happening under your feet! Learn to decode animal signs on the ground!
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  • Have the opportunity to ask for feedback on any points of uncertainty.
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  • We're aiming for prizes down the line :)
Upload Images:

A large variety of good labeled images is essential to improve the performance of the model on current tasks as well as take on new tasks (for example: adding a new species, distinguishing between LF, RF, LH and RF foot). We typically look for a threshold of 100 images of a specific label type to include in the system.

The WildTrack website has helpful information on how to take high quality footprint images.

Note that we recognize that not all trails and footprints you come across are capturable as high quality images. We still urge you to send us what you are able to get. Even partial or lower quality images are useful to this project.

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Boitumelo Selamolela 80
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Suzy Lawrence 3
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Samuel Ali 1
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Frederick Kistner 3106
LEC Research Assistant 2900
Zoe Jewell 1365
Pogiso Ithuteng 1351
Alessandro Araldi 1187
Peter Law 633
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Genevieve Finerty 466
Petrus L Ndungula 453
Larissa Slaney 446